Exploratie Syndicaat Pagoeat - 1898

Exploratie Syndicaat Pagoeat - 1898
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Exploratie Syndicaat Pagoeat

Amsterdam, 1898

Bewijs van Winst-Aandeel

Goal of the company was to acquire, explore and exploit mining concessions in the Marissa River mining area at Pagoeat and Ilota in the district of Pagoeat in Northern-Celebes (Sulawezi). A limited amount of gold- and copper ore was found which was not enough. The Exploration phase was finished by mining geologist F. van Dijk jr. in 1903. The necessary equipment to start the exploitation of the concession was purchased in 1908-1909. The mining concession and equipment were subsequently sold to the 'Mount Pani Mining Company Limited in 1909. The company was liquidated in 1909 (source: website of the Amsterdam Stadsarchives).

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